Saturday, September 28, 2013

Things Will Change & Rearrange - 3HO Summer Solstice 2013

Every year, really twice a year, 3HO has a Solstice event. It isn't so much a retreat as it is a celebration and taking time out to work on yourself. These events have LOTS of yoga workshops, lots of yoga, great music, more yoga, do Seva (selfless service), great food and a pretty awesome Bazaar where you dump, I mean spend a lot of money buying yogi things like malas (prayer beads), essential oils, books, music CD's, jewlery, turban material, more jewlery... you get the picture.  (Watch the quick video above to see what it is all about)

Oh, and I met Demi Moore and her daughter Rumer at Summer Solstice- registering them for the event! Yep, they were there too!

Each Solstice experience is different and it is different for everyone. This year for me it was about setting boundaries for myself and practicing self care during my time on the mountain (Guru Ram Das Puri is in the Mountains of New Mexico). I didn't plan it that way, it just kind of happened when I got up there.

One day while I was sitting in the Tantric Shelter eating dinner, a Sevadar (selfless service person), approached me and asked me to write my name in a time slot to participate in Akand Path. Akand Path is 72 hours continuous reading from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the Sikhs' book of Holy Writings. On a whim I signed up for a day to read out loud for one hour. It was the fastest and most profound hour of my life! I floated out of there and hugged the first person I saw!  Umm, not my typical thing to do.  :-)

A couple weeks after returning home, it became clear to me that my current career path is not fulfilling my purpose here on earth. Since my return from the Summer Solstice 2013, I have made steps to lead a more purposeful life and to reach out to others. I have registered to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Also, I am living more mindfully (more about that in another post) and connecting with the words from spiritual sources. Like an onion the layers are peeling away and I am starting to remember who I Am and why I am here. I am here to serve everyone I meet and assist them to live happier, healthier lives. I am here to love EVERYONE, no matter who they are!

Remember the Brady Bunch? Remember that episode when Peter's voice changed? Yeah, life is like that. Unexpectedly things happen. Things change quickly. Going with the flow is sometimes met with resistance. But why resist? This life is dynamic. Change is going to happen anyway! You know what they say - When you are through with change, you are through!

I am so glad I didn't give it a second thought that day, went with the flow and just did what my soul wanted to do.