Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Part II: What Have I Been Missing? I'm Forgetting My iPhone More Often!

Following up with last week's post "What Have I Been Missing?", I realize now a very large large part of the reason I am not more Present is because I spend too much flippin' time on my iPhone. 
Have your found yourself doing any combination of this in the middle of a conversation:
  • Checking and/or Responding to Email
  • Checking and/or Responding to Twitter
  • Checking, Updating your status and/or Commenting in FaceBook
  • Checking and/or Posting to Instagram
  • Texting someone else
  • Playing Candy Crush or some other game? 

Or how about this: Texting someone who is actually in another room of the house?
I am TOTALLY guilty of this behavior. 
While playing in my little "iPhone World", I am not paying full attention to the person right in front of me that is trying to connect and have a conversation with me. I am probably missing more of their conversation than what is happening on FaceBook.
Not to mention that it is rude to the other person. 
An Open Apology to those I have done this to - which is probably almost everyone:  I am VERY, VERY SORRY.  I was rude and inconsiderate.  I am working on being more present and I will do my best to not do this again.
My beloved iPhone and I have this great relationship!  iPhone is the first thing I look at when I wake up: How many emails do I have?  What is the temperature outside? And the last thing I look at before going to bed: What are they saying on FaceBook, what is the weather going to be tomorrow? 

Tomorrow?  Hmmm that isn't being very PRESENT, is it? Am I really missing that much if I don't check several times a day? Am I going to melt if I get a little wet?  Probably not. 

In addition to last weekend's Kundalini Yoga Level 2 Teacher Training - Conscious Communication (more about that in a future post) and watching this video, it really helped me to focus my awareness on how present I am with others.
Stay Tuned for next week for the Conclusion of "What Have I Been Missing?", weighing in on the balance of practicing to be more Present, Communication, Relationships & Technology.

Have a great Week!  ;-)